ANP to submit urgent proposal for Rakhine war refugees

The Arakan National Party (ANP) will submit an urgent proposal to urge the government to initiate a peace process and give assistance to war refugees in Rakhine State, announced MP Khin Saw Wai of Yathetaung Constituency, who is also a member of the ANP, on April 30.

She continued that there are about 1,500 people who have become refugees due to the battles in Rakhine State between The Myanmar Defence Services (Tatmadaw) and the Arakan Army (AA).

The ANP said peace is needed immediately as schools will reopen in about one month.

Cabinet prepares 40 bills

The cabinet is due to send 40 bills, including the prison bill which could not be approved by the former government, to Parliament, says Dr Myat Nyana Soe, secretary of the Upper House Bill Committee.

“The Prison Bill, which was drafted by the former administration, has been amended with human rights added," said Myat Nyana Soe.

“The bill committee from both houses will analyse the peaceful demonstration law and ward administration law."


Rebel groups meet in Thailand

Leaders of the Karen National Union (KNU) and Restoration Council for Shan State (RCSS) met in Chiang Mai on April 30 for peace negotiations, according to Major-General Zaw Izzat Foe of the KNU.

KNU’s delegation was led by its chairman General Saw Mutu Say Poe and RCSS’s delegation was led by its chairman, Lieutenant-General Yawd Serk.

Zaw Izzat Foe said: “We held a workshop on federal issues and discussed peace.”

The RCSS was unavailable for comment.

USDP rebels demand conference

Union Solidarity and Development Party’s central executive committee (CEC) members have asked party chairman Thein Sein to order an emergency party conference.

A total of 136 members said the party must hold at least one central committee meeting, according to its basic principles, suggesting it be held next month.

Wa rebels meet NLD in Panghsan

A United Wa State Army (UWSA) leader has confirmed that the group met National League for Democracy (NLD) representatives in Panghsan, northern Shan State, on April 28.

Xiao Ming Liang, vice-chairman of the UWSA in Panghsan, led the Wa delegation but the group refused to give further details. Win Htein, a central executive member of the NLD, said no one had been sent to meet the Wa but added that the party had many members.

MPs move to scrap junta security law

The Joint Bill Committee is planning to submit a bill to revoke the oppressive 1975 State Protection Law on May 2.

The bill was discussed by committee members, the attorney general and police officers in Nay Pyi Taw on April 28.

The Law to Safeguard the State Against Subversive Acts was enacted during the country’s so-called socialist era.

“It can restrict fundamental rights of the citizens. The law goes against the 2008 Constitution and a democratic system,” said Kyaw Soe Lin of the committee.

Shwe Mann hits back at USDP

More than half of the central executive committee (CEC) members elected by the Union Solidarity and Development Party signed a petition calling for an emergency conference to assess the legality of the party's expulsions of 17 members, according to Thura Shwe Mann, chair of the Legal Affairs and Special Cases Assessment Commission.