The prodigy comes of age

Since her foray into the film industry years ago as a child actress, Warso Moe Oo, now 20, has certainly come of age. The buzz around her is tangible. She’s won kudos for her multiple film roles, fashion and musical voice. Putting child stardom behind her, the actress has managed to hit the headlines once again by debuting in the music industry. She tells the Myanmar Eleven about her forthcoming first album and priorities in life.

Tell us about your album.

I’ve just started selecting songs for my album. I've asked composers U Shwe Jaw Jaw and Ar-T to compose the songs for me. I'm also selecting other songs. Ko Kyaw Bo Bo, Sandi Myint Lwin, and Jenny will be featured in the album. Since I want to release the album together with the [music video] VCD, it's going to take a while before its release.

Why do you want to launch the VCD at the same time?

I want to present my songs with my performances. I like presenting my songs with performances whether they are happy or sad songs. That's why I'm planning to film the music videos after I finish recording the songs. I prefer dancing to my songs instead of using a sort of dramatic performance. So most of my songs are upbeat, but there are also some ballads.

Why have you decided to pursue a career in music?

It's because of the requests from my fans. I have to perform a lot in the rural areas. On some days, I have to perform three to four gigs. Whenever I performed in those gigs, I always found myself thinking how wonderful it would be sing my own songs. That's how the idea came about regarding my own album.

With your dancing style so well received, what do you think is your strength: performing or singing? And what’s your favourite genre anyway?

Yes, it's true. Most people recognise me through my performance. Personally I enjoy singing lively songs more than anything else. As I've always loved dancing since I was young, it's quite convenient for me. Sometimes I like singing songs with emotional lyrics. Actually, I think lively songs suit me well.

When is the album due for release?

My birthday is on July 21 so I want to release it on my birthday. I've always been doing something memorable on my birthday so it will become a more memorable event if I can release it [on my birthday]. But I'm not sure whether that’s possible because the process of hiring composers to write my songs and recording them [in the studio] is time-consuming. I want all the songs to be the best so I expect to release it once I’m satisfied with each of the songs.

Tell us about your role in a 3D documentary film about Buddhism and Bagan by the Korea Education Broadcasting System (EBS).

The 3D film is a joint effort between South Korea's EBS and MRTV-4. I play the role of Mani Sandar in the film [centring] on the Bagan era. I felt very excited and happy as it was my first time to work together with a foreign film crew. I gained some good experience during the filming like getting up at 5 am to get ready on the set. I admire their ability to prepare everything in advance and carry out their work professionally. That’s because they had manpower and a big budget. Their preparedness was very great. Anyway I learned a lot there. I’m happy to say the film will be released this year.

What's your main priority, acting or music?

I'm interested in both of them. At the moment, I'm focusing my attention on music. I have received some offers of film roles. So I will try to do my best.

You performed at the Shwe FM anniversary party, right?

Yes. I performed "Shawt Ma Twat Nae" (“Don’t' Underestimate Me”) composed by Ko Ar-T.