Myanmar film to debut at Cayman festival

Lin Lin Khine
A still from the film “Mudra Ye Khaw Than”.

Director Christina Kyi says her film “Mudra Ye Khaw Than” will be make its world premiere at the Cayman International Film Festival on July 1.

The film, largely based on Myanmar’s natural scenery, art and culture, is about a Burmese boy adopted and raised abroad who returns to Myanmar to reconnect with his roots and, hopefully, his biological parents.

“From way before the shooting began, we prepared the pre-production part thoroughly,” Kyi said. “The actors and actresses were chosen to fit most closely with the characters I’ve created. We then go through with the chosen actors on their understanding of the characters and the plot. Fresh talent also had training with an acting coach. We didn’t have much of a budget but we overcame all these obstacles because we put art as the priority. I want the film to be shown here but there is a long queue of movies for the box office and negotiations are still ongoing with the producers.”

She said the film would be shown at an international film festival in Malaysia for the its Asian premiere.