Suu Kyi: Voters must elect government that represents all

National League for Democracy chairperson Aung San Suu Kyi said it is not enough to vote for one’s desired candidate – voters must strive to build a community that will represent all peoples of Myanmar.
Her words were published in the Dehlaing news journal on February 2.
She said freedom only exists when a person has a right to choose. For example, freedom to choose under penalty of punishment is not real freedom.
In the upcoming elections, people will choose who will represent them for the next five years. They will select candidates who will work for them, understand them and have sincere goodwill for the country. But it is not enough to just cast one’s vote on Election Day. The people of Myanmar need to build a community that will truly represent the people, Suu Kyi continued.
Under a dictatorship or one-party system, elections do not involve choice. Votes only approve of incumbents.
In Myanmar, which is meant to have a multi-party system, it is important that people exert their right to choose.  Many people in Myanmar have lived under military dictatorship for so long that they may be fearful of choosing or unable to decipher the differences between parties, she wrote.
There are still many people in Myanmar who fear politics and do not have the courage to say what they think. The taste of freedom will be known when each mind is freed from fear. Only when freedom reigns can one choose rightly and build a peaceful and developed country, she said.