UNFC calls for Union Day pact

The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) has called for an agreement to be signed on Union Day, February 12, to establish a federal union where states have the right to democracy, national equality and autonomy, in accordance with the desire of President Thein Sein’s administration. 

An agreement would strengthen mutual trust between the president and ethnic leaders while reaffirming their commitment to the signing of a nationwide ceasefire deal, the Kachin Independence Army’s General N’Ban La, the chairman of the UNFC, said in a statement.

All different ethnics vowed to live together in free, fair and prosperous society on Union Day, February 12, 1947. It was a historic day on which all ethnic leaders met in Panglong Town in Shan State and signed the Panglong Agreement with General Aung San to build a federal union, the UNFC said.

Despite all ethnic representatives signing the agreement, they had suffered from internal insurgency for more than 60 years, the UNFC said. Every citizen had a responsibility to continue to fulfil the desires and promises of the leaders who signed the agreement to end ethnic groups’ suffering, it added.