Myanmar to manufacture electric buses

Soe Min Htaik + Sithu
Myanmar will manufacture marketable electric buses using Modulo technology from Hungary and sell them domestically and internationally, said Khin Maung Cho, Minister for Industry.
Electric buses are marketable as they don’t produce fumes hurting the environment. 
The remarks came from the regular session of Union Parliament held in Nay Pyi Taw on September 6. 
“We are cooperating with external experts to produce electric motors that will be installed at electric buses in industries in Thagara Industrial Land. Modulo technology from Hungary will be applied. Electric buses are marketable as they don’t produce fumes hurting the environment. The electric buses will be manufactured and sold locally and internationally,” said Minister Khin Maung Cho.
By using electric buses do not produce fumes hurting the environment, resulting in environmental cleanliness. We get carbon credit. It is beneficial not only to the country but also to the world. Plans are underway to build charging stations in Yangon and at highways, said Minister Khin Maung Cho.
Plans are underway to produce crop dryer machines in collaboration with Golden Thurain Linn Agricultural Machinery and Technology Trading Co, Ltd that is manufacturing turbines and generators in Thagara Industrial Land. Plays are underway to manufacture small hydropower generators to be used in villages, said Minister Khin Maung Cho.
Diesel engines will be manufactured in accord with policies and regulations in Thagara Industrial Land. Negotiations with Green Power Myanmar Co, Ltd have begun in order to manufacture electric buses. Ambulances are being manufactured in line with rules and regulations laid down by the government and have already been sold to the Ministry of Health and Sports. We have received orders from the private hospitals, said Minister Khin Maung Cho.
Translated and Edited by Win Htut