Myanmar receives US$47 m worth foreign investment in April


Inspections to be carried out at factories and farms exporting marine products to Saudi Arabia

Checks will be conducted on factories and farms exporting marine products to Saudi Arabia, Tun Win Myint, head of Yangon Region Fisheries Department told a regular meeting of Myanmar Fisheries Fe

Selling fuel oil at a loss is on-paper loss: MFOIDA

Selling fuel oil at a loss is no matter what a loss on papers though local fuel filling stations are selling fuel oil at over-4-per-cent-loss compared with the global fuel price, said Dr Win Myint, secretary of Myanmar Fuel Oil Importers and Distributors Association (MFOIDA)

Banking giant ICBC praise ICT as secret behind cross-border success


Korea-Myanmar Industrial Complex to be in Hlegu

YANGON- US$ 110 million worth Korea-Myanmar Industrial Complex(KMIC) project will be implemented in Nyaungnapin, Hlegu Township, Yangon Region.
The approximately 555 acres wide project will begin near Nyaungnapin village, western part of about 5-mile away from the Yangon-Mandalay Expressway and it is a joint venture between Civilian and Housing Development Department under the Ministry of Construction and Korea Land and Housing Cooperation under the Republic of Korea.

Yangon extends circular road construction for booming investments

YANGON- Construction of new circular roads is being extended in the whole Yangon Region to boost investments in outskirt areas, says U Than, Joint Secretary of Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).
“The current population of 5.2 million will be increasing to over 10 million by 2040 because Yangon will become a “Mega City”. As more and more of the population moves into Yangon, especially there will be developments along Circular Railroad,” said U Than.

LPG terminal opens in Yangon


Singapore tops investors list in Thilawa SEZ

Till late April, the total investments of 17 countries in Thilawa Special Economic Zone reached over US$ 1.374 billion, with Singapore topping the list with over US$ 503 million, according to the Thilawa Special Economic Zone Management Committee.

Star High Asia Pacific granted dredging rights in Yangon River

YANGON- The Star High Asia Pacific Company had been given a five-year green light to begin mega dredging project in Yangon River, says Myanma Port Authority.
While vessels requiring nine meters depth of water were allowed to pass through the Yangon River, most vessels had to wait for the rising tide as the water way gets gradually clogged up with silt.
Around 300 vessels enters and departs in the Yangon River daily. Myanmar Port Authorities invited the competitive tender on dredging project to facilitate travel for those vessels.

Transport and communication sector tops Yangon's FDI list


The total foreign investment between 1989-90 FY to 2017-18 FY hit US$ 20.276 billion in Yangon region with 854 investments, according to Myanmar Investment Commission