Military chief: No coup but it can happen

Commander-in-Chief Gen Min Aung Hlaing  said that the Tamadaw will not stage a military coup but if needed, it will act according to rule of law.

He said this during an interview with Channel News Asia on the questions of why he has supported the Thailand’s military coup and will the Myanmar military stage a coup in the future.

The military chief said that in Myanmar there was a 1988 disturbance. In that incident, rule of law to safeguard the country came under threat prompting the military to seize power. The disturbance in Myanmar at that time was far worse than in Thailand.

In Thailand, there was no bloodshed and the military staged the coup to protect its people, so he supported Thailand’s military coup.

“We don’t expect that kind of situation to happen in Myanmar. If it happens, we will act in accordance with the rule of law,” he said.

Now, Myanmar people still have bad feeling about the military because the country was ruled by the central government system since 1962 till March 2011. But if the same kind of disturbance in 1988 happens again the military will have to intervene in accordance with the law, said the commander-in-chief.

“If things become uncontrollable, from the chief ministers of the respective States and Regions, to the President and finally, the military has to intervene in the situation. If we don’t act according to the rule of law, we may have to face many dangerous obstacles,” continued Gen Min Aung Hlaing.

“In situation like Rakhine and Meiktila riots, things have changed from bad to good as the authorities followed the rule of law in ending the riots. If we looked back at these incidents, the final decision maker is the president. He has the power to intervene,” he added.