Myanmar plan to export cattle to China

The Myanmar government is planning to export one million counts of cattle to meet rising demand in the Chinese market according to Yan Naing Tun, Director General of the Trade Department under Ministry of Commerce (MOC), said on July 30.
“For the export of cattle, we have set a market in Muse and another one in Sit Saung Pana. Depending on their proposal, we are carrying on with the export,” said Director General Yan Naing Tun.
In order to export cattle, there are many processes. The government is drafting a live cattle export policy that will set rules and regulations for the trade. One likely rule is that the cattle must be at least five years old to be eligible for export. The policy will also address issues such as tax, health status and verification of ownership.
Other requirements such as microchip/ear tags , to undergo checking along exporting route set by the Department of Livestock Breeding and Veterinary, to undergo health check in animal quarantine station, to get animal quarantine certificate, to submit documents provided by Department of Livestock Breeding and Veterinary at the border area are included.
In recent years, informal live exports have increased remarkably due to growing demand in China and Vietnam, where prices are much higher than Myanmar, according to researchers. In the past, cattle being moved across state and region borders without permission are liable to be seized. 
The maximum penalty for transporting cattle without the necessary documents under the 2012 Major Commodity and Service Law is a prison term of three years and a K500, 000 fine.