Army announces new military administrative order in Kokang area

The office of the Commander in Chief of the Defence Services announced Military Administrative Order (2/2015) to replace the Military Administrative Order (1/2015) in Kokang self-administrated zone on March 6.

According to new order, if the military court made a verdict, he or she will be sentenced the following punishment in accord with the existing laws. 

Mandalay holds solidarity march

Students from Mandalay protested against the attacks on their fellow students in Yangon by the police and “Swan Ar Shin” in civilian clothes.

The students changed their protest route when they heard the police were waiting for them. Instead they protested at Mandalay University.

They asked the government to take action against the Swan Ar Shin who allegedly beat the protesters in Yangon.

Foundation to support 22 political prisoners

Hanthawaddy U Win Tin Foundation is due to provide cash at the Royal Rose Restaurant in Yangon on March 12 to two current and 20 former political prisoners.

The foundation holds ceremonies every two months and will hold an executive meeting at its officers in Pazundaung, Yangon, this weekend. 

State papers slammed for ‘false’ reports

The state-owned newspapers’ coverage of the crackdown on protesters in Yangon has been condemned as inaccurate.

On March 6, papers reported that the protesters were detained after they started attacking officials. 

Police release eight activists

Five students and three activists arrested in Yangon have been released. 

They were detained during the violent crackdown on the March 5 protest while calling for the authorities not to attack the main student column blocked in Letpadan.

But other activists in Mandalay face legal action under several legal codes, including section 505 (b), for their protest in support of the students.

Civilians join protest against crackdown on students

Protesters protest against the attack by men with red armbands in Hledan. (Photo - EMG)

YANGON – Civilians and students have protested near Hledan market against the violent crackdown on students by men wearing red armbands outside Yangon City Hall on March 5.

More than 150 supporters surrounded the students to deter further attacks.

Five students detained in Letpadan

LETPADAN – Four male and one female student from the main column that has been blocked in Letpadan Township, Bago Region, have been detained as they protested near Letpadan market.

A student said: “The police blocked our main column in Letpadan three days ago. We didn’t go anywhere. They cut off all connections. And then they used batons against the boycott supporters who peacefully staged a protest in Yangon.”

Three activists charged in Mandalay protest

Police in Mandalay charged three activists who joined local students protesting against the crackdown in Letpadan on March 3.

The three activists, Aye Thein, Amar Ni and Tin Mar Yi, were charged under Section 18 and Section 505 (b) at the No-2 police station in Aungmyethazan Township.

After being charged, the three activists held a press conference on March 5, expressing that the charges were unfair.

Plice charge 11 protesters, detain three in Letpadan

Myoma police on Thursday (March 5) charged 11 local protesters and detained three for supporting the main student protest column in Letpadan, Bago Region.

About 200 protesters were able to meet the protesting students for one hour near the police vehicles in Kyunkalay where the student protesters were blocked on March 4 from continuing their march.

Gov't hires thugs to crack down on Yangon protestors

Students and activists were arrested during a violent crackdown on a protest near Yangon City Hall on March 5.

An official from Kyauktadar Township in Yangon spoke through a loudspeaker to warn protesters not to carry out the protest at around 3:30pm in front of Mahabanduhla Park.