Special attention to be paid to UEC’s instructions: NLD

The selected candidates of the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) should pay special attention to the instructions recently issued by the Union Election Commission (UEC) while planning to launch election campaign, said the central committee for winning elections of the NLD.
The NLD’s candidates are going to commence their election campaigns in their designated constituencies across the country within the next days. 

Gov’t approves minimum wage rate

The Union government has approved a proposal minimum wage of Ks 3,600 per day amid the widespread criticism by some employers and employees, according to the national committee for fixing the minimum wage on August 28.

Those suspected of destroying NLD signboard to be arrested with Tatmadaw’s assistance

Five vandals including a militia in Martkyan station who tore NLD’s signboard and flag apart in Nansang, southern Shan State failed to face trial with Nansang town court issued warrants and put forward it to the eastern military command. The suspected destroyers will be arrested with the help of the Tatmadaw (armed forces).

Political activist already in prison receives another jail term

Political activist Win Hlaing, who is already serving more than two years of jail term, has been sentenced to another four months in prison under Section 18 of the Peaceful Assembly and Procession Law.

BRMM seeks to cure healthcare sector with signed petitions

A petition signed by 3296 doctors local and abroad have been submitted to the President as well as related ministries in order to withdraw the directive appointing military officials to the Ministry of Health.

The collective of healthcare professionals and students, dubbed Black Ribbon Movement Myanmar (BRMM) lead the submission of the petition.

Locals continue to oppose Thai’s coal-fired power project

The local populace demonstrated their wishes against the proposed building of the 2640 megawatt coal-fired power plant at the Taninthayi Delta to the media from Thailand visiting the area to gather news over the project.

The clean-coal power plant project, over 3000 acres wide, is to be built near Mhway Shaun village located at Mawgyee area in Myeik, Dawei.

All Burma Students Union deny handing over their belongings during Letpadan crackdown

All Burma Students Union denied the article published in the Sandawchain Daily arguing that the government has already given back 29 mobile phones and 2 vehicles seized during Letpadaung crackdown on their official social media page “Democracy Education Leading Committee”.

On the August 25 Sandawchain Daily stated on the back cover of the daily that government has already given back 29 mobile phones and 2 vehicles seized during Letpadaung crackdown.

Illegal logging, corruption and state’s projects causing deforestation

Illegal logging, corruption and state’s projects left Myanmar with 10 percent of forestry areas for the whole country, the chairman of the Myanmar Cane and Bamboo Producers Association (MCBPA) said on August 26 at a workshop on forestry in Yangon.

Yangon border affairs minister tells military involvement not still sure in Bangladeshis illegally entering into Yangon

Although the arrested suspect confessed that ten Bangladeshis were brought by the military vehicle to Yangon, the Yangon border affairs minister said that the case will be clear only after arrest the committed three fugitives. 

Locals sign and send a petition to Australian consul office

More than 20,000 locals signed a petition and sent it to the Australian consul office in Yangon and the SMEC on August 25 to protest the analysis of Mongtong hydropower project conducted by Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) based in Australia, according to Shan State Rivers Network.

“Salween River is the lifeblood of millions of people living in Myanmar. The government should not sell the lifeblood to overseas companies,” said Nan Khan Naunt from Kunhing.