Govt plans to transform Yay Myat Gyi Lake into resort

Yan Paing

Sagaing: The regional government is planning to transform Yay Myat Gyi Lake into a resort, said MP Khin Maung Thein of Sagaing Constituency on April 24.

“The regional chief minister informally advised to transform the lake for eco-tourism, so I asked Fisheries Department about it. I learned that no department is supervising the lake. Previously, the department kept fish in the lake but it was not a success as it is a saltwater lake. I am writing a report to suggest the lake for eco-tourism for the area development. The head of the department will also send a report to the chief minister,” said the MP.

Farmer Zaw Lwin, of the SAYE Environmental Conservation Volunteering Group, said: “Nearby villages of the lake are surrounded by the water once in three or four years. They cannot plant wheat and chick peas in times of flood and locals cannot make cultivate crops due to saltwater if the water level recedes. If eco-tourism is being implemented, it will be OK for the locals.”

Maung Maung Oo, organiser of Greenish and Natural Green group based in Mandalay, said: “The lake has unique characteristic and environmentalists said it is full of migrating birds, many fish species and natural resources. It will help the region if the area is developed for community-based tourism.”

The lake covers more than 8,000 acres and is full in rainy season. The lake dried out once in three years recently, he said.

Villages located around the lake include Kyauk Panan, Kangyi Gone, Ywar Thit, Padu, Htan Taw, Mone Nyin Chaung, Mone Myo, Aung Myay, Yay Dwin Kaung, Sar Yay, Ta Eain Tae, Yay Myat, Sa Mon and Khat Kha.

Cultivated land in nearby villages has also decreased due to saltwater and locals planted wheat, chick pea, cotton and beans.

Translated by Aung Kyaw Kyaw