Second Season of “Sun, Moon and Truth” to air on MRTV

Lin Lin Khine
Caption: A set scene while shooting “Sun, Moon and Truth” TV series

The second season of “Sun, Moon and Truth” directed by director Aung Ko Latt will be shown on MRTV channel on September 5th.

“When shooting the first season of “Sun, Moon and Truth” TV series, we gained audience acceptance. Instead of an ordinary plot, it emphasizes on the law, the real threats to the rule of law and weaknesses in the judicial system. Characters in the TV series also portray the differences among our socio-economic lives. Please enjoy my TV series,” said director Aung Ko Latt.

 “This series is very special. It shares not only entertainment but also insights on rule of law; those starring in the series did our best,” said Su Pan Htar who is starring in this TV series.

The series will be screened every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  from MRTV channel at 7:15 pm since September 5.