Only democracy can overcome 21st Century’s challenges: Union Parliament Speaker

Soe Min Htike, Sithu
A genuine democracy system is the only way to overcome the challenges of the 21st Century, Lower House Speaker T Khun Myat who took over the alternate seat of Speaker of Union Parliament said in his greeting speech to parliament on August 1.
“In the democratic reform, the people want to see rapid progresses. People need to be aware of the fact that according to the basic concept of democracy, it has to take time to see fruitful results,” T Khun Myat added.
Parliaments which have to perform legislative duties are to pass laws which protect the interests of the country and citizens. At the same time, the executive and judiciary sectors are to implement works in accordance with existing laws, bylaws, rules and regulations. All citizens including MPs need to abide by existing laws and cooperate with a sense of duty, accountability, responsibility and discipline, he continued.
Separation of powers and check and balance among the legislative, executive and judiciary branches is a must. These pillars are to cooperate for the country’s development.
Take a look at other countries; parliament is the basic foundation of democracy as well as the lifeblood of a country. Parliaments are to make efforts to pay heed to the people’s voices, desires and views and then satisfy their needs. In addition, parliaments strive to promote the socio-economic status of the people through the enactment of necessary laws, in cooperation with executive and judiciary sectors.