Contraceptive usage in Asian countries

by ANN News Desk

NEW DELHI (DataLeads/ ANN) - A record number of women now use contraception in Asia. The latest figures from the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs show wide disparities in the use of contraceptives within Asia.

China, South Korea and Thailand are few Asian countries where a high number of people are using contraceptives. In China, there is 83 per cent usage of contraceptives while in both South Korea and Thailand the figure is 78 per cent.

Vietnam (76 per cent), Sri Lanka (71 per cent) Bhutan (67 per cent), Singapore (66 per cent) and Bangladesh (64 per cent) also have a high contraceptive prevalene, vis-a-vis their total population sizes.

Indonesia and India, both are among the fastest growing economies of the region and have 62 and 59 per cent contraceptive users respectively. The maximum level of contraceptive used in Asia are found mainly in the eastern and south eastern regions, though other Asian regions also include some countries with high prevalence. Meanwhile, growth in the number of contraceptive users is projected to be specifically high for south Asia.

Laos, Nepal and Myanmar are the countries which have among the lowest number of contraceptive users in Asia. All three countries have just over 50 per cent contraception usage. Pakistan, though, has among the lowest number of contraception use in Asia, with just 38 per cent prevalence.