Kale to Yangon bus plummets over cliff

Aung Thu Tun


According to a rescue worker, a bus leaving Kale for Yangon had plummeted down a cliff side around 300ft deep.

Ko Bo Myint, part of Dhammaaytaman charity group, claimed that one man died on the spot when the bus, belonging to Shwe Mandalar group, went over the edge near Thatyetpin turn along Ponya mountain range path.

“The accident happened very nearby Thayetpin Turn. I cannot confirm yet how exactly the accident occurred but it fell 300th down. So far around nine of the passengers have come in for treatment at the hospital at Kyaw. Two still remain in the wreckage because their legs are pinned down. Over 70 people are working on the rescue effort and it takes around 45 minute per injured to get up from the cliff,” said Bo Myint.

Amongst the total 18, Bo Myint said that most injured people out been sent to the hospital but one still remained that require immediate medical attention.