Tourism ministry warns Bagan tourists

A recent statement released by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism sets multiple guidelines for tourist visiting Bagan, Myanmar’s well-known cultural heritage site and tourism hotspot.

The statement instructs tourists not to enter any closed-off buildings, not to approach damaged structures, not to pick up any pieces of the buildings from the ground, not to touch murals and not to get in the way of archeologists and renovation professionals.

Chinese delegates discuss tourism

Chinese officials from Yunnan province's management committee for cross-border economic cooperation

7.5m tourists expected by 2019

Tint Thwin, the director general of the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, claims the country will attract investment in major destinations and expects 7.5 million tourists by 2019. 

The Hospitality and Tourism Conference in Yangon was jointly held by the Myanmar Tourism Federation and the Singapore-based Sphere Conferences to boost visitor numbers.

The attendees pointed out the beautiful Myeik Archipelago was inaccessible because its poor infrastructure was holding back tourists. 

Tourism body pledges to expel shoddy operators

Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association has announced that it would terminate the membership of companies that broke the law and report them to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Poor practice tarnished the whole industry the association said, with Tourbox Travels and Tours currently in the spotlight. The firm has been told to contact the association by July 27. 

Tourism industry prepares for implications of Brexit vote

Myanmar should reduce air ticket fares and hotel accommodation fees as the declining pound caused by Britain’s exit from the euro may have an impact on the tourism industry, entrepreneurs and organisations involved in the tourism have sector said yesterday.

Taungthaman Lake to be restored

The Taungthaman Lake will be restored to its former glory, according to Dr Soe Than, the Mandalay Region minister for agriculture, livestock and irrigation.

The water in the lake has been ruined by over two decades of fish farming. Regional authorities have banned fish farming and auctions and will replace the foul water with new, fresh water once the fields nearby are harvested. The irrigation ministry will oversee the process.

Tourist visas to be simplified: govt

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism says it will reform the process for entry of blacklisted foreigners and visa overstays in a shakeup to the tourist sector. 

Ye Mon, permanent secretary at the ministry, told the Committee for Foreign Visitors: “On 4 May, the government formed the committee with officials from nine ministries to ensure the massive numbers of foreigners arriving have a smooth experience. The new government has introduced many relaxations to allow a massive boom in arrivals."

Foreign tourists visit Taunggyi to escape heat

Local and foreign tourists are coming in droves Taunggyi to escape the heat in April, local sources say.
Although the average temperature in Myanmar’s central plains is over 40 degrees centigrade in April, the average daytime temperature in Taunggyi is only 23 degrees centigrade, and while the temperature drops to 12 degrees centigrade at night.

Tourist arrivals through Myawady rise as Thingyan approaches

Tourist arrivals through the Myawady border gate have risen in the three months before Thingyan, sources say.

A total of 3,623 tourists visited Myanmar through Myawady in the last three months, while 2,417 tourists came through the border gate in the same period last year.

A total of 2,749 Thai nationals visited Myanmar this year up to the end of March, while 1,623 did so last year.

Thais look for tourism deal

A Thai business delegation visited Myanmar in a motorcade arranged by the Caravan AEC Biz Club Thailand and Myanmar programme.