U Bein Bridge welcomes 1,000 visitors daily

Tourists on Taungthaman Lake. (Photo-EMG)


Over 1,000 tourists visit the U Bein Bridge on Taungthaman Lake in Mandalay Region daily, according to the Taungthaman Boat Association.

The number of visitors dropped for a while in December 2015 before jumping back to the current level.

“There were 300 to 400 visitors a day in December. The lake is busiest in February. The number should dwindle in April, as usual,” said Soe Win, the chairperson of the association.

French, German, American, Chinese and Korean tourists make up the majority of the bridge’s visitors.

“The view of the sunset over the Taungthaman Lake is memorable. I think that’s the major tourist attraction. Visitors to Mandalay gather at the lake in the evening; it’s like an assembly point for them,” said a local tour guide.

The association has 45 boats and 16 ancillary boats for visitors to rent. Each boat can carry two to four passengers.

“There are barely enough boats this time of year. We need to take care of the customers’ safety, too,” said Soe Win.

Tourists also end to visit the monks at the local Maha Gandayone Monastery on the west side of the lake.