Resorts, hotels to be built at Rakhine State beaches

The Rakhine State government has laid plans to build resorts and hotels at beaches in the Rakhine State, including on Manaung Island, according to Rakhine State chief minister Maung Maung Ohn.

“We will try to develop Rakhine State. Private entrepreneurs have told us about their desire to build resorts and hotels. We will announce this to the public. We will negotiate with the public first before working with them. If Rakhine State becomes developed, there will be job opportunities for local residents. Also, we are trying to bring electricity to Manaung Island. Now, airlines are operating flights [to the island]. We will cooperate with South Korea for the development of the Rakhine State,” said the chief minister.

The chief minister made the announcement after the government received demands from the local residents to build resorts in Manaung Island, as it receives both local and foreign visitors.

The Sittwe Viewpoint, a recreational park and a popular tourist attraction in Sittwe, will also be upgraded to a resort that meets international standards.