Receiving Permanent Residence application to be stopped temporarily

The Immigration and Man Power Ministry will temporarily stop receiving applications for Permanent Residence (PR) on February 13 although the ministry started receiving applications on January 29.

“We started receiving self-submitted applications for PR on January 29. However, in order for a smooth processing, the department of PR (Yangon) will temporarily stop receiving applications starting from February 13. We will announce when the applications can be submitted again later,” said an official from the Immigration Ministry.

Four different types are classified in applying for PR, including professionals, business people, former Myanmar citizens, and their spouses, children and relatives.

Refugees, persons taking asylum in other countries and persons with criminal records cannot apply for the PR.

Fees will be US$1,000 for a foreigner and US$500 for former Myanmar citizen per year. If the applicant applied together with children from aged 7 to 18, US$300 for each child per year will be added; no fee for children under seven years old. The PR is for five years and one year extension will be available.