Plan underway to boost Inlay tourism sector

A major five-year plan (2016 to 2020) to promote tourism in Inlay, Shan State, is underway, according to Saw Du War, programme manager of the United Nations Development Programme.

As more foreign tourists are visiting Inlay Lake, the committee to develop Inlay  region was formed in cooperation with related departments.

Moreover, as the lake has been drying up steadily more efforts to conserve the lake and its ecosystem are in urgent need.

Saw Du War continued: "We have five-year worth of projects to maintain and develop the region in partnership with the Forestry Department and local residents. It takes a good plan to preserve the lake and we're working on that together with concerned institutions."

The infrastructure are being built around the area of the lake and the business owners and locals are working together to preserve the lake, he added.

Inlay's tourism sector has been developing each year and the region welcomed a total of 120,000 foreigners in 2013. Currently, the lake receives 4,000 visitors a day.

There are 75 hotels and guest houses in Taunggyi and Inlay region and the local organisations have been educating the visitors not to litter.

However, many locals are complaining over the construction of new hotel zones that have damaged the lake's ecosystem.