Myeik tourism reaches 17-year high

Foreign visitors in Myeik Archipelago. (Photo -

Snorkelling resorts in the Myeik Archipelago have attracted around 2,000 foreign visitors this year since January, according to the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism (Myeik Branch).

Last year, tourism revenue hit a 17-year high, Ks 57.99 million (US$57,991) and $329,470.

Entry fees to Kawthoung District and Myeik District are $50 and $80, respectively, for local tour agencies. For foreigners, the fees are $100 and $150, plus an additional $20 per day for tourists who stay more than five days.

An official at the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism said: “The rate of tourist inflow is higher than that during the same period last year.”

Foreigners can visit the waters around Myeik by yacht and motorboat. Yacht companies provide two travel packages – snorkelling and adventure. Local yacht companies have cooperated with their foreign counterparts to provide services to the international visitors.

The revenue generated from visitors to Myeik Archipelago in the last five months is Ks 39 million and $235,000.

The owners of travel agencies said the region – a group of over 800 islets – needs to be preserved, and blast fishing, logging, building new villages and littering should be banned.

Due to insufficient infrastructure, a week-long stay in Myeik could cost around $1,000 per person.