Kayinchaung Waterfall crowded with visitors

A view of the Kayinchaung Waterfall in Yedashe Township
A view of the Kayinchaung Waterfall in Yedashe Township, Taunggo District, Bago Region.

Kayinchaung Waterfall, situated in the eastern part of Yedashe Township, Taunggo District, Bago Region, has grown crowded with visitors.“In the past, nobody lived at the waterfall. We visited Yelwe Village near the waterfall nine years ago. Later, people gradually noticed the waterfall. We built the road to go the waterfall. We warned people of the dangerous places in area of the waterfall. Visitors mainly come to the waterfall during the weekend. But it is really only very crowded during the Myanmar New Year festival,” said Than Win from Yelwe Village.

Locals said there were previously no restaurants or places for visitors to relax. Recently, however, the waterfall has attracted domestic tour agencies and regional development because it is easy to access. Most visitors come to the waterfall when the weather gets hotter, according to local residents.

“In the past, Kayinchaung Waterfall was situated in the forest and was under the control of the insurgents. Yelew Village was founded around 10 years ago. However, the waterfall became famous about three years ago. Upon the completion of the bridge across the Sittaung River—part of the Yedashe-Kayinchaung-Leiktho road section—transportation access will be easy, and the region will develop. As for local people, they cannot afford to build the concrete road. At present, they construct earth roads after clearing the bushes. People already go to the lower part of waterfall. If the road to go the top of waterfall is built, it will be better for visitors. Kayinchaung Waterfall is now well-known, and people have been coming. However, there have been minor difficulties,” said Ko Lwin from Swa Township.