Lashio waterfall has more to offer as a tourist destination

Tun Nay Hlaing (Naung Paing)
Chauk Htat Siint waterfall in Pankhaw village in Lashio

Lashio- Chauk Htat Siint waterfall in Pankhaw village in Lashio has had an increase in the number of visitors recently, yet still faces problems with litter and a lack of facilities.

“It is about 10 miles from Lashio.  As it is an earthen road, no vehicles can access it,” said a local, who visited the waterfall recently.

It is well-known via social media and is now often packed with visitors.

“The waterfall used to be less well known among public. Transportation is not easy as it is situated among jungles. Mostly, youths visited the place. Hopefully better facilities will mean more income for locals from tourism.” said Nan Aye Hmone from Hu Pan village.

“Recently, the place has been packed with visitors but people are carelessly throwing rubbish away, which is ruining the nature beauty. If this careless throwing of wastes continues, no foreign visitors will come in the future.  If there are dustbins, and people abide by rules and regulations for throwing of waste, it will be a popular destination and attracts more visitors, “ said a local tour guide Thein Min Tun.

If visitors visit here and hire vehicles from Lashio, it will cost Ks. 60000 (U.S $44) for the whole vehicle ride, he added.

Translated by May Aung Shwe