More visitors from Singapore expected

Myat Suu Naing

May Myat Mon, chairwoman for Myanmar Tourism Marketing, says more Singaporeans are expected to visit after visa exemption for 30-day trips has been introduced.

“The visa exemption also aims to promote tourism between the two countries. An increase of 30 to 35 per cent is expected in the number of Singaporeans visiting Myanmar. It’s difficult to estimate the number of Myanmar citizens visiting Singapore. But the number of tourists from both countries is expected to increase. The number of Myanmar citizens who travelled to Singapore was more than the number of Singaporeans who visited Myanmar previously. We’re working to boost the number of Singaporeans visiting Myanmar. It’s now easier to travel to both countries due to the visa exemption,” she said.

The Singapore Tourism Board says the number of visitors to the city-state on social visas is increasing each year.

“The tourism sector in the region is very competitive. It makes huge incomes for every country. I went to a tourism fair targeting Singapore in early December. And we plan to organise a ‘Myanmar festival’ in March,” May Myat Mon added.

She said domestic tour operators should put more effort into attracting tourists from Singapore after the visa exemption.

Translated by TTW