Taungthaman and U Pain Bridge get a tourism boost

Le Le Aung


More than 1,000 tourists per day are already visiting Taungthaman Lake and U Pain Bridge, which are tourist destinations in the Mandalay Region, according to the Taungthaman Boat Association.

Since the beginning of October, tourist arrivals rose rapidly to between 1,000 and 1,200 per day at Taungthaman Lake and U Pain Bridge.

“ This year tourist arrivals increased before the tourism season as we expected.  Since October, many tourists have visited Taungthaman Lake and U Pain Bridge. In November, over 1,000 visitors arrived there to enjoy the sunset by riding a boat on the lake. Tourists should book with tour operators. Although visitors want to ride a boat on the lake for a short time at their convenience, we are going to wait for visitors who want to enjoy the sunset at the lake until the evening,” said Soe Win, chairman of the Taungthaman Lake Boat Association.

Tourists should visit Taungthaman Lake and U Pain Bridge in the mornings and evenings, tour operators said.

However, most visitors arrive at U Pain Bridge in the evenings to see the sunset, creating a shortage of boats at that time.

In Mandalay, the numbers of tourists increased in 2016 compared to previous years. From January to the end of October, 284,711 visitors came to Mandalay, according to the Directorate of hotels and Tourism.