New beaches explored in Ayeyawady Region

Aung Kyaw Myo (Hinthada)
A scene of Beach in Ayeyawady Region
HINTHADA- The government is now exploring untouched beaches in Ayeyawady Region with the aim to bolster the booming tourism industry.
At present, the development of tourism industry has given first priority to the Gaw Yan Gyi Island and Shwe Thaung Yan Beach.
“In the past, the visitors went to Shwe Thaung Yan Township by boat. At that time, a businessman built a hotel in Shwe Thaung Yan and it was named as Shwe Thaung Yan. Now, the construction of a bridge has been completely finished. In recent days, the Regional Minister arrived at the bridge while inspecting works done to spruce up the environment around the beach. The tar-paved road is being built on the concrete bridge. Upon completion of the road, visitors from Chaungtha Beach can easily go to the Shwe Thaung Yan Beach as transportation is now accessible.. Businesses had already invested in real estate there. The Shwe Thaung Yan Beach will be overtaking the Chaungtha Beach’s popularity soon,” said Zaw Lin Tun, Deputy Director of Hotel and Tourism department in Ayeyawady Region.
“Although guest houses are an illegal industry in Gaw Yan Gyi Island, there are unlicensed 36 guest house comprising of 337 bungalows. Around 70,000 vacationers visit Gaw Yan Gyi Island per year because the beach in Gaw Yan Gyi Island is very beautiful. We will not ignore it. We are always thinking about regional development tasks and booming of the tourism industry without destroying environment. We discussed regarding this issue while meeting with the respective minister and regional government committee. We are now collaborating with businessmen aiming to boom together with the tourism industry,” said Zaw Lin Tun.
“Mainly, we need electricity. Currently, Chaungtha and Ngwesaung Beaches do not enjoy full access to electricity. However, plans are underway to supply electricity in Ngwesaung Beach. In doing so, Chaungtha and Ngwesaung will get full electrification because both beaches are connected. There is no electricity in Ngayoke Kaung Township due to lack of access to the national grid. The regional government committee is now planning to provide easy transportation access as well. Upon completion of the tar roads, electrification will come with it. It isn’t easy to establish all round development,” said Zaw Lin Tun.
With the aim to fulfill the demands of the tourism industry at the beaches in Ayeyawady Region, relevant ministers together with departmental heads and MPs had planned to implement tourism development projects.