Shite Htet waterfall attracts foreigners and locals

Le Le Aung
Vacationers seen at Shite Htet waterfall


Only local travellers have visited Shite Htet waterfall in Pyin Oo Lwin district in Mandalay region about a year ago but now, it is attracting not only local visitors but also foreign tourists, said locals.

The visitors can go to the waterfall by crossing the villages located north of Ohn Chaw village, Pathein Gyi Township from Mandalay-Pyin Oo Lwin road. It is located above the famous Thone Htet waterfall and about 100 travellers visited it in weekend days and holidays.

“About 100 travellers have visited the waterfall in holidays. Many people visited the Thone Htet waterfall when it became famous. Later, fewer visitors came to the waterfall. Some travellers visited Shite Htet waterfall with tour packages. Foreigners came with motorcycles and cars. Some foreigners visited it in week days also. Some came in twos or fours or in groups. Most travellers are youths from Mandalay and nearby towns,” said a local selling food at the Shite Htet waterfall.

The visitors have to climb up on rocks for about half an hour to visit the waterfall and the road to the waterfall is steep. Some local travel agencies have arranged a hiking trip in the area. Most of them are knew about it from social media.

Bent Bwe and Dee Dote waterfalls are located nearby of Mandalay and some people visited recreation camps along the bank of Dotetawady River beside Mandalay-Pyin Oo Lwin road.