Tourist arrivals rise in Mandalay’s Khuthodaw Pagoda

Ma Thiri
A foreigner takes documentary photos in the compound of Khuthodaw Pagoda.
MANDALAY- Even though it is the rainy season, nearly 550 foreign tourists per day visit Khuthodaw Pagoda which is also called Mahalawka Marazein Pagoda in Mandalay.
“Now, there are foreign tourists between 350 and 550 visiting daily in Khuthodaw Pagoda. The Khuthodaw Pagoda was submitted to the UNESCO in 2013. That’s why foreign visitors from China, Thailand, Nepal and Europe Countries have come to observe the pagoda. As there have been a large numbers of foreign tourists, the cash donation also increases. In 2015, the cash donation was between Ks 8 million and Ks 10 million per month. Now, we get over Ks 20 million per month. We carry out security tasks at the pagoda aiming for the foreign tourists. If a visitor forgets a camera or a bag, we pass over belongings left behind at the pagoda to the respective authorities. We also carry out cleaning services in the Pagoda’s compound so that more visitors will pay homage to the pagoda,” said Kyaw Win, Chairman of Pagoda Board of Trustee.
The Khuthodaw Pagoda also known as Maha Lawka Marazein Paya was built by King Mindon Min in 1221 of Myanmar Luna Calendar. There are totaling 729 marble slabs inscribed with Buddhist teachings. Those marble slabs are also called “The World Largest Book”.
Due to the facts, the pagoda was submitted to the Global Ancient Heritage List.