Feasibility study conducted to turn Nyaung-U airport into green one

Kyaw Myo

A feasibility study has been conducted in cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to upgrade Nyaung-U Airport near Bagan ancient cultural region into a green airport, said Win Khant, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The plan was initiated by the ministry and JICA as Myanmar tries to enlist Bagan region as UNESCO-recognised World Heritage Site. The feasibility study was financed by JICA.

"Siem Reap is an ancient cultural region of Cambodia that attracts about 5 million people a year. In comparison with our Bagan, Bagan is more splendid. More foreign tourists take interest in Bagan. In Cambodia, Siem Reap is just 5.2 kilometres from the international airport where hundreds of large airplanes like Airbus 340 can land. They protect Siem Reap, which is also on the list of UNESCO. Plane landing is allowed because it cannot damage the region. Nyaung-U Airport is 10 kilometres from Bagan cultural zone," said Win Khant.  

He said the authorities had decided to make Nyaung-U airport an eco one adding that the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation and the concerned region had been asked for their opinions.

Under the project, the airport will be run by solar energy. It will become the first green airport in Southeast Asia.