WMF to help conserve 180-year-old teak bed and trunk in Mandalay

Htay Hla Aung and Min Latt

Officials from the US-based World Monuments Fund (WMF) on February 8 visited Soe Win's brokerage firm on 86th Street in Mandalay Region and studied the ancestrally owned 180-year-old teak bed and trunk of the late Amarapura Period.

WMF Programme Director Jeffery Allen said his organisation would provide technology to maintain the property.

These ancient teak bed and trunk are believed to be owned by Pakhan commissioner Yan Wai in Pakhan region, Pakokku Township, Magway Region, and they have been maintained by ancestors. They were then moved to Mandalay in 2015.

Jeffery Allen said they were lucky enough to witness such valuable assets, adding that they would provide techniques as to how the teak bed and trunk are conserved.

Jeffery said it would be the first time his organisation has to provide conservation technology to an individual.

 WMF is providing technology to conserve ancient cultural heritages and objects by making contacts with international organisations.