Naga lake attracts Indian visitors

Indian tourists at the Naungyan Lake in Nagaland.


A lake in the Naga self-administrative zone has been popular among Indian visitors, sources say.

The lake Naungyan is located in Pansaung Township and surrounded by myths, according to residents.

Visitors from India reportedly came and took some water from the lake for “laboratory tests”.

MP Sein Maung said: “Myth has it there was a dragon and villagers killed it. Then they left this place and turned the village into a lake.”

Although Indian tourists did not have a visa, they could visit the place for a limited time, he added.

“They have to bring a document from their country to visit here. If they show that to Myanmar authorities, they let them stay in the area for a while.”

The lake is on a mountain and three miles wide.

The MP said the residents had to take care of the environment since garbage and used plastics could have a bad impact on the lake.