Mon State govt urged to clean Kabyawa Beach

Bo Bo Myint
Kabyawa beach in Yay Township, seen on September 18.

Residents of Yay Township in Mon State say the state government should pay more attention to the cleanliness and beauty of Kabyawa Beach, located in Khawzar town.

“More and more people are coming to visit this place, but the beach lacks systematic arrangements for handling the situation. For example, allowing souvenir shops to open has not been systematic. In the open season, there will be more people here. The Mon State government should pay more attention,” said the secretary of a Yay Township volunteer group.

He added that his group has submitted its concerns about Kabyawa Beach at meetings with social organisations at the Mon State parliament, but no arrangements have been made by the state government so far. As the numbers of visitors in the area is rising, inconveniences may arise around car parking, sanitation and land problems.

“Otherwise, the virgin beach will become a garbage beach,” he said. “There are also many land problems that prevent companies from doing business there.”

The beach is about eight miles long. It is 18 miles from Yay, and in the open season, about 300 visitors come to visit the place per day. On the weekends, the beach often receives as many as 1,000 visitors.

Translated by May Aung Shwe