Traditional boat rowing festival to be held in Mandalay

Reported by EMG

Myanmar Rowing Federation has planned to hold States and Regions Traditional boat rowing festival at the Mandalay moat in October.

Myanmar Rowing Federation faced losses and gained no medals in the last 18th Asian Games, held in Indonesia. Therefore, new athletes will be recruited after holding States and Regions Traditional boat rowing festival in Mandalay. Myanmar Rowing Federation has claimed that it will also do its best to allow participation of all athletes across the States and Regions. It will create a chance for the traditional rowing athletes to participate in the event. Officials from Myanmar Rowing Federation will visit other states and regions and watched competitions. Then, prospective athletes will be chosen.

“As we got no success at the last 18th Asian Games, we will select new athletes for our rowing team. To get the best form in the team, we have to train new athletes for at least 4 or 5 years.  The new athletes chosen this year can compete only in coming competitions after 4 years. Athletes we had chosen in 2016 States and Regions Traditional boat rowing festival in Mandalay moat are now working together with senior rowing athletes. We need time to nurture good athletes. The current rowing team is packed with old athletes and we have to replace with younger athletes,” said Chairman Thaung Htaik Min.

Although Myanmar rowing team has hoped for the prizes in the traditional rowing competition, they failed to get prizes.