Early ballots must be filled out with ballpoint pen

“Those who are wishing to cast early ballots must use a ballpoint pen, but those casting votes on election day need to use an official stamp,”  said  Tin Tun, secretary of the Union Election Commission.

Tun Tun, the secretary of the UEC, was speaking to parliamentary candidates from political parties and independent ones who are going to participate in the coming by-elections at the office of UEC in Nay Pyi Taw on January 3.

Shake-up of administrative sector crucial to reforming politics and economy: VP Myint Swe

Myanmar’s administrative sector must change its procedures and attitudes to service if politics and the nation’s economy are to be reformed, Vice President Myint Swe said.

Myint Swe said the administrative sector must be first undergo change if political and economic reforms are to be made, according to the news released by the President Office of Myanmar.

UEC announces by-election candidates

The Union Election Commission (UEC) has announced the list of parliamentary candidates for the coming by-election to be held on April 1, 2017.

The list, which was announced on January 2, includes 88 parliamentary candidates from 24 political parties, and seven independent candidates that will run for 19 vacant constituencies across the country.

49 of them will race for nine Lower House seats and 15 candidates are in the running for three Upper House seats. 31 candidates will vie for seven state parliament seats.

MP seeks help for Shan refugees

MP Sai Wan Hlaing Kham for Shan State Constituency (3) begged for help for more than 1,200 war refugees still taking shelter in Namtu, northern Shan State, in a letter released on January 2.

The MP from the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy says a total of 1,232 war refugees living in five IDP camps are in urgent need of assistance.

Fake stories about Rakhine spark global criticism, govt claims

News about incidents falsely claiming to have occurred in Myanmar began to circulate on social media following the October 9 terrorist attacks in Maungdaw, northern state of Rakhine, said a press release issued by the information committee of the State Counsellor Office yesterday.

The statement reads. “such fake news and photos designed to cause misunderstanding about Myanmar were sent to international news media, human rights organisations and governments. Consequently, some news media fabricated stories.”