Peace deal worthless: UWSA head

PANGHSAN – A ceasefire deal without peace was just a worthless piece of paper, chairman Bao Youxiang of the United Wa State Army (UWSA) said in his inaugural speech to the armed ethnic groups meeting in Panghsan Township, Wa self-administered zone, in northern Shan State. 

He said that successive governments had failed to respect the prestige and honour of minority ethnic groups who had been left behind by Myanmar’s rulers.

Rebel armed groups to attendsummit in Wa state

More than sixty officials from 12 ethnic armed groups will attend the armed forces summit hosted by the United Wa Solidarity Army (UWSA) inPangkham from today.

The summit, according to Secretary Aung Myint of the UWSA/UWSP central office, will kick off with a welcome speech by Chairman BaoYuxiang’s. Meetings will then run until the 6th with one rest day on Sunday the 3rd of May.

Final report of national census to be released in late May

The final report on Myanmar’s landmark national census will be released in the last week of May, the Ministry of Immigration and Population has announced.

Panghsan conference begins today

A total of 12 ethnic armed groups met today in Panghsan, Shan State, at the headquarters of the United Wa State Army (UWSA).

The 12 ethnic armed groups are: the Restoration Council of Shan State, Kachin Independence Organisation, Karen National Union, Kayanni National Progressive Party, Pa-Oh National Liberation Organisation, New Mon State Party, The United Wa State Army, Ta’ang National Liberation Army, Arakan Army, Shan State Progress Party, Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (Kokang) and National Democratic Alliance Army (Mongla).

FPPS to select work committee members in late May

The Former Political Prisoners Society (FPPS) will hold a meeting and select members for its work committee in the last week of May. 
The committee to hold the meeting and elect the work committee members was formed on April 28. 

End of April set as deadline for enacting PR system for 2015 elections

The Union Election Commission announced that the shift to a proportional representation (PR) system for the election of Upper House lawmakers in the 2015 election will not materialise unless the resolution of the constitutional tribunal is received by the end of April, said Upper House MP Dr Myat Nyana Soe on April 29.

Committee announces tentative plan for additional meetings over education law

Secretary Dr Myat Nya Na Soe of the Constitutional Review Joint Committee said there might be future meetings with student leaders to discuss amendments to the national educational law.
He also said the national educational billwill be the top priority when the next parliament session begins.

Suu Kyi’s presidential bid should be considered: Upper House speaker

Upper House speaker Khin Aung Myint said on Wednesday that Myanmar should consider a presidential bid from opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported.  
The speaker told Yonhap that a presidential bid from the country's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi should be considered from a point of national interest, not individual. 

Upcoming parliament session to highlight amending bills

The Upper House MP Dr. Myat Nyana Soe said that the parliament session which will be started on May 11 will focus on discussing important bills including the Bill Amending the 2008 Constitution. 
Myat Nyana Soe, the Upper House MP and the secretary of the Bill Committee said, “The upcoming parliament session will focus on the bills. The Bill Committee will concentrate for amending the Constitution, which has to be sent to the Union Parliament.”

Kokang to attend Panghsan, but not Peng Jiasheng: UWSA

Kokang rebels will be represented at the upcoming Panghsan Conference to discuss a national ceasefire deal, but not by the group's leader, said Aung Myint, secretary of the central office of the United Wa State Army (UWSA).