KNU’s 16th Congress starts today

The 16th Congress of Karen national Union (KNU) will be held in KNU control area Lawkhila  today.

“The congress meets once in every four years and there the election of the central committee members and central executives members will be held. According to our constitution, we must report every work implemented within the four years. And then, we ask for approval.  Next, we reflect  on KNU’s constitution as well as  on our policy. The congress usually lasts two to three weeks,” said Pado Man Man, second joint secretary of KNU.

Human right violations not found in Yangon prison system

Human rights violations were not found during an inspector tour of cells and prison camps in Yangon Region, the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC) said.

The commission posted its findings on its website this month, noting that buildings at some locations needed repairs.

Members of the MNHRC visited the Correctional Department, Minkon prison camp, Hlayhlawin vocational training camp, Hlegu Myoma police station and the Hlegu township court and cells on February 23.

Workers and residents flee Laukkai as fighting continues

Workers and residents flee Laukkai as fighting continues.

Local charities continued their efforts to rescue those trapped in ongoing Laukkai fighting in northern Shan State.

They say more than 4000 people fled Laukkai as the fighting continued between ethnic rebels and the Tatmadaw, adding that many residents fled to China and other safe places.

Hundreds of migrant workers are currently trapped in sugar cane plantations in the township and local social welfare organizations arrived to rescue them on March 12 and 13.

Peace committees not ready to discuss religion

Discussions have not started on the topics of faiths and religious affairs included in the union-level dialogue agenda, sources say.

Panglong due in early May

The second round of the so-called 21st-century Panglong conference has been proposed again until early May, according to the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee.

The joint committee met at the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre in Nay Pyi Taw to review the round of political talks being held across the country.

NLD MP blocked from scrapping controversial law

MP Ye Htut of the National League for Democracy has told the media that he had no chance to propose Section 66(d) of the Telecommunication Law be scrapped as he did not get the nod from the party's scrutinising committee.

“MPs have to submit their questions and motions to the scrutinising committee in advance before they put them forward to Parliament. The committee rejected the proposal. It is bad for our public image,” he added. “Those sued under this section may be granted bail but others may not. This section should be abolished."

Wa withdraw from Mongla land

The United Wa State Army (UWSA) has withdrawn

Laukkine refugees return home

Refugees that fled Laukkine to Lashio after fighting broke out on March 6 are steadily returning to their homes.

No definition for 'political prisoner': military-controlled ministry

The military-controlled Ministry of Home Affairs has confirmed that it has no plan to define the meanings of "political offences" and "political prisoners".

Military and ceasefire signatory exchange fire

Government troops and the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS), a signatory of the 2015 nationwide ceasefire agreement, exchanged fire on March 7 in Shan State, said a spokesman for the RCSS.

RCSS Lieutenant-Colonel Sai Ngin said that the army attacked an RCSS camp in Ohmmu village in Hsipaw Township with heavy artillery. Some government soldiers were injured but RCSS fighters were not, he said.