Voter lists to be published from March

Lists of eligible voters in some townships would be released in March, according to Win Kyi, a member of the Union Election Commission (UEC), told the Daily Eleven.

The nationwide lists for the 2015 election were estimated to be completed by May, he added.

The UEC draws up the lists in three steps, the first from November 2014 to January, the second from December 2014 to March and third from February to May.

In the first step, the UEC compiled voter lists in 10 townships in the Yangon Region.

“Voter lists in Yangon and Mandalay will be announced separately in March. The voter lists in 10 townships of Yangon has been carried out,” said Win Kyi added.

Compiling voter lists is not a door-to-door process with voter registration based on household lists. Eligible voter lists will be announced in sub-commission offices in the townships. Voters will have to check noticeboards to see whether their names are correctly included on the lists.

The UEC will keep all voter lists in its data bank and publish them online.