UNA plans to hold political dialogue again

The United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) plans to hold its next political dialogue next month, which will include representatives of ethnic armed groups and political groups.

The UNA held its last political dialogue, which also included civic organizations, in Yangon on December 23-24, 2014.

The discussants adopted an agreement to participate in future activities to promote democracy, peace and creating a federal union.

“We aimed to hold a discussion again after holding conference and political dialogue held in last year December. We have planned to hold a discussion in February,” said Aye Tha Aung from Arkan National Party who is also a leader of UNA.

The participants in the December dialogue also released a statement saying Myanmar’s political problems could be solved by holding more political dialogues, amending the constitution, which is an obstacle to democracy and the federal system, and signing a nationwide ceasefire agreement.

The December dialogue included seven ethnic armed groups, such as the United Nationalities Federal Council-UNFC, the Kayan National Union and the Restoration Council of Shan State-RCSS, as well as the National League for Democracy, 88 Generation Peace and Open Society and other civic organizations.

For the February dialogue, the UNA hopes to include political groups that did not participate in December.
The UNA was founded by politicians from ethnic minority parties who were elected in the 1990 elections, which was never honoured.