Shwe Mann hits back at USDP

More than half of the central executive committee (CEC) members elected by the Union Solidarity and Development Party signed a petition calling for an emergency conference to assess the legality of the party's expulsions of 17 members, according to Thura Shwe Mann, chair of the Legal Affairs and Special Cases Assessment Commission.

Eleven of 17 dismissed party members are on the commission, which on April 27 issued a nine-point statement about their removal after a CEC on April 22. Zaw Myint Pe read a statement to the press: “The USDP reformed the CEC after a night raid at the headquarters in Nay Pyi Taw on August 12, 2015. It can be seen whether the USDP’s removal of members ... was against the party’s basic principles.

"Despite the act, we remain silent, taking into consideration the successful holding of the November general election, the emergence of parliaments based on the election results and the selection of the government without the laws being broken.”

The actions might affect the interests of the people and the country, although it was an internal party matter, he added.

Thura Shwe Mann told reporters: “Most people from our commission got sacked. I am committed to ensuring the security of the people and the country’s development. Our commission will always side with the people and continue to serve their interests.

“I don’t know why the party dismissed us. The dismissal letters were only three lines long, signed by the general secretary. The USDP should be asked about it,” he said.

The expelled members are Thura Shwe Mann, Zaw Myint Pe, Maung Toe, Kyi Thar, Aye Mauk, Tin Maung Oo, Win Than, Myint Tun, San Shwe Aung, Ko Ko Naing and Soe Myint. Currently Ko Ko Naing is a Lower House MP. The remaining commission members are Maung Maung Thein, Hla Myint Oo, Myo Myint, Khin Shwe, Thura Aung Ko and San Sint.