President says he cannot meet expectations for reform process

President Thein Sein in a meeting with political parties at the Yangon Region government office in November (Photo-EMG)

In a recent report about Myanmar's progress in 2014, President Thein Sein said he is unable to ensure that political reforms meet the people's expectations.

"Myanmar needs mutual respect, cooperation and rapport to establish a democratic society. Our government has stressed the need to create understanding rather than conflict and to build mutual trust between different religions," said Thein Sein.

"Moreover our country and society, which are outdated in all areas, have to overcome difficulties and challenges to establish the new political process. If we can overcome those, there will be rewards awaiting the future of the country and society." 

“But we are far away from achieving our goals. As we are preoccupied with many reform plans, the government cannot meet the public’s expectations. The government will continue to lead the reform process, and we welcome the advice and criticism of the public to fulfil the requirements and desires of the people. We are inviting people to cooperate in the reform plan."

"One outstanding demand of the public is to begin the national reconciliation process, in which the government will form a state based on federal system," said the president.

When asked which aspects of the political reform process she believes have been successful at a press briefing on December 30, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi declined to comment.