Parliament urged to speedily approve national education bill

The United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) and its allied organisations on February 19 urged the Union parliament to speedily approve the National Education Reform bill.

Three representatives of the protesting students attended the 3-day meeting organised by the UNA and its allied organisations. 

“We have invited the students to present their activities on the national education bill. The students told us their personal experiences. We were in support of their movements. We decided to give Ks 3 million to help the students,” Aye Thar Aung, one of the leaders of the UNA, said. 

During the meeting, the student representatives explained the difficulties they are currently facing, the future tasks the parliament will have to do and the government’s responses and effects.

“The UNA and the allied organisations fully supported the student protest against the national education law. The concerned authorities did not put pressure on the student protesters and did not use violent method. We are willing to urge the Union parliament to speedily approve the national education amendment bill,” the officials of the UNA and the allied organisations said.

“The entire people of the country and all allied organisations of the UNA supported our protest march. What we urgently need is monetary assistance. But we welcome any assistance,” Zeyar Lwin, the student representative, said.