Parliament approves MPs’ salary increase

The parliament has approved to increase the salaries of its members to Ks 1,000,000 (US$1,000) per month on January 22, although military representatives denounced the decision. 

The president commented that the parliament should only increase its salaries to a reasonable amount and only after careful consideration. Some see the new figure to be unreasonable.

Lt-Col Myint Win and Lower House MP Thein Nyunt of Thingangyun spoke out against the raise. MP Thein Nyunt said that there are 1,349 MPs and other parliamentary officers, so the cost of the salary hike will be Ks 91 billion ($91 million) per annum. He urged that instead of using that amount on just over a thousand of people, the money should be used for the public good, including the needs of poor and homeless people. He recommended using the money for a poverty reduction program. 

The Lower House MP Nang Wah Nu said during the parliament session that the reason the MPs desire a raise is because they are embarrassed when they travel abroad because their salaries are much lower than the international standard. 

The Union parliament approved the raise following this comment.

Union parliament speaker Thura Shwe Mann said the pay raise will come into effect in April 2015.