Only right leader will choose a right path for the country, Suu Kyi says

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi said the people of Myanmar will only support a leader who is righteous, and a leader cannot guide the country along the right path if he or she is righteous. She spoke at a concert in honour of General Aung San’s 100th birthday, which falls on February 13.

"I think the people are right to adore a righteous leader. A non-righteous leader will never speak the truth. I believe our people will only follow a righteous leader," she said.

She urged her audience to work together for the sake of the country if they love it.

“Nothing in the world is free,” she said.

"When you work hard, you hope good will come of it. We should continue our work with such hope for our country. My father worked with a hope for the country's independence. But he never had hope for what he would get after independence, as some may know if they have read about him. He wrote that he would leave politics after independence. It was right for him to say so. My parents wanted to live peaceful lives, and they accepted that independence was to be tasted by all the people, not only themselves," she added.

"If a work is to be really valuable, it must be for everyone. Work for oneself is not so valuable. Work for the greater good is valued even by later generations. If my father were still alive, he would soon be a centenarian. Nowadays, there are living centenarians. But we cannot say every centenarian has such a value. If a person wants to be valued by others, he must use his time for others. A person who has lived a century working hard only for himself will never have such a value," she continued.

The concent was held in Pyinmana and was attended by about 5,000 fans, including some MPs.   

Several celebrations have been held across the country ahead of General Aung San’s birthday.  

A mass rally organised by the National League for Democracy (NLD) in honour of the centennial of General Aung San’s birthday was launched in Yangon on January 18. Attendees marched around Kandawgyi Ring Road after gathering to salute the statue of the general.  

A crown also marched from Mandalay to Natmauk Township, which is the birthplace of General Aung San, in Magway Region, and a ceremony was held to build a stone monument at the General Aung San’s home in Natmauk on January 21.

“The stone inscription was built to last a long time. We will build or renovate the lane connecting the plaque and the General Aung San museum. For the landscaping, the Panyoema flower lover group will plant flowers at the General’s compound and around the statue of the general free of charge,” said Dr Soe Win, the information officer of the organising committee for the events commemorating General Aung San’s 100th birthday in Natmauk.