NCCT demands end to ceasefire deadlock

If a seventh round of ceasefire talks is arranged before disagreements are settled, there will be no progress, according to Naing Hantha, leader of the Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team (NCCT).

The government's Union Peacemaking Working Committee (UPWC) and the NCCT held the sixth ceasefire talks in September 2014 but have failed to organise further meetings since.

Both parties met in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to hold a seventh round earlier this month but the event was unsuccessful.

Some NCCT delegations were not free to meet from February 18 to 20, causing further delays.

Naing Hantha said: "There will be some impromptu discussions concerning the seventh round this month to unravel some factors. We've been waiting for the comments of the military."

The UPWC cannot speak for the military or Parliament. 

"It takes honesty to continue a peace process. There are only some issues to overcome," the NCCT leader said.

The two parties started negotiations with 103 provisions. Uresolved factors concern usage, the signing of contracts, the organisation of committees, social welfare and issues with the armed groups.