MP slams govt’s broken promises

Upper House MP Dr Myat Nyarna Soe has criticised the government for failing to meet its promises, adding that people should select a more reliable administration at this year’s general election.

"As there is no mechanism to carry out promises, there is no system to take action against ministers who are unable to keep them. Governments around the world have to build mutual trust with the people by not making promises too easily. When MPs discuss an issue in Parliament, we should clearly say ‘no’ to an issue we cannot handle. You can look at parliamentary records from before 1962: the lawmakers spoke straight. The people could keep an eye on the parliament," the MP said.

"Things will change when a minister is blamed for failing to keep a pledge. But there is no tradition of this. And there is no possibility of doing it. The pledges they gave should be remembered at the next election," Myat Nyarna Soe added.

"New positions of permanent secretary are being created, which is not in the Constitution. The Parliament is never informed about it. The government runs a very complicated system through its bureaucracy which ministers don’t understand. But ministers give pledges easily because they want the people's praise. They have less than a year to carry out their pledges.”