Election laws, national referendum bill to be discussed in parliament

The Union Parliament Joint Bill Committee tabled the bill for the national referendum on amending the 2008 constitution and other election laws for discussion in parliament on February 24.

The Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the granting of voting rights to white card holders is not in line with the 2008 constitution and sent the bill back to the parliament on February 11.

According to the Constitutional Tribunal, the country’s sovereignty is derived from the citizens. Every citizen has right to vote and to be elected in accordance with the law. Section 391 states that eligible voters refers only to citizens. White card holders are only granted temporary identity cards under specific circumstances.

Therefore, if they are permitted to participate in deciding on an important issue that affects the country’s sovereignty, they will violate sections 4, 38 and 391 of the current constitution.

After the Constitutional Tribunal decision was returned to the Union Parliament Joint Bill Committee, the committee tabled the issue together with other election laws to the parliament.