SNLD’s elected MPs will submit needs for education, health to parliament

Zarli Myint Oo

The elected MPs from Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) will be submitting the education and health sector requirements as first priority to the parliament, according to the elected MPs.

Moreover, the elected MPs will strive to improve the socio-economic status of residents of Monghsu and Kyeethe Townships, Shan State.

“In our constituency, there has been a lack of education and health services as well as difficult access to transportation. That’s why we are going to give first priority to health and education, and our second priority is to upgrade transportation access. Now, the style of school buildings are like a type of hut. There are no learning materials as well as insufficient teachers. Likewise, there is only rural health clinics, but there is no medical staff. So, we are going to implement the development of education and health with the locals and authorities after submitting the needs to parliament,” said elected MP Sai Tun Aye from Monghsu Constituency. 

Similarity, elected MP Sai San Mai from No.1 Constituency in Kyeethe Township said that he would send the suggestions and criticisms of voters to the parliament joining hand with the alliance parties and government’s departments with the aim of regional development. 

“ Our constituency is the least developed in health, education and economy as well as transportation. So, we are going to strive for the creation of more job opportunities for the residents. As for the SNLD party, we will be strong at parliament. I think, if we will submit the important proposals of the public to the parliament, party strength can strongly support it,” said MP Nan Kaung Kham who was elected in No.2 constituency of Monghsu Township.

The ruling National League for Democracy won nine seats from 19 vacant constituencies across the country in the 2017 by-election held on April 1, followed by SNLD with all six seats, the Arakan National Party with a seat, the Union Solidarity and Development Party with two and All Nationalities Democratic Party (Kayah) with one.