Shan State to get ceasefire monitors

EMG reporter
State-level joint monitoring committees (JMC-S) will be established in Lelchar and Linkhay townships in Shan State, sources say.
Lieutenant-Colonel Sai Oo at the Restoration Council of Shan State said on April 12: “We chose Lelchar and Linkhay after negotiations. We will meet with the residents in Lelchar for the first time as the JMC-S late this month.”

In February, Union-level Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC-U) members discussed state-level ceasefire monitoring programmes and procedures regarding the administration of JMC-S, working procedures for civilian monitors, policies for security protocols, working instructions for civil-society organisations, zoning plan and mine clearance.

The branches of JMC-S have been established in Taninthayi Region, Bago Region, Mon State, Kayin State and Shan State.

The JMC-U, formed on November 18, 2015, is composed of 26 members from the military, ethnic armed groups that signed the nationwide ceasefire agreement and civilians to enforce the ceasefire deal.
Karen National Union, Restoration Council of Shan State, Pa-O National Liberation Organisation, Chin National Front, Democratic Karen Benevolent Army, All Burma Students' Democratic Front, Arakan Liberation Party and Karen Peace Council, a coalition of KNU and Karen National Liberation Army signed the deal with the government in October 2015.
Translated by Nay Thiha