President wishes for positive results in the peace process and a thriving economy during 2017

Zarli Myint Oo

President Htin Kyaw hoped that the people would witness 'delightful results' in the peace process and the State’s economy would flourish in the present economic climate.

The president made his remarks on Myanmar’s New Year which falls on April 17.

The government has received thousands of donations from the people, which will be spent on implementing the peace process. The people’s generous donations spotlights their hunger for peace, and indicates that they believe in the peace solution being sought by Aung San Suu Kyi together with different organizations. For that reason the people will see good delightful results in the peace process during this year, President Htin Kyaw said.

International governments and organisations are transparently increasing loans and technical assistance in an attempt to raise living standards. Foreign investors have made more investments as economic policies and new investment law are modified, the president added.

“I would like to express words of thanks to everybody who tolerantly understands the government. All in all, our government can only work if it has the support of the people. Therefore we will continue trying to attend to the needs of the people,” the president said. 

Translated by Win Htut