About 300 political prisoners still held according to AAPP

A report by the Assistant Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) released on April 11 said that approximately 300 political prisoners were still kept in prison until as of the end of March.

According to the report, 299 people were detained for reasons pertaining to their political activities and 93 political prisoners still remained in the prison. 85 activists were facing trial in the prison and 121 activists were facing trial outside.

The report said four people were prosecuted under Section 66(d) of telecommunication law, one person was sued under Section 500. A total of 50 Letpadaungtaung residents were prosecuted for protesting a copper mine project.

The report stated details about defamation acts such as Section 66(d) and Section 500 and accused the government of still practicing telecommunication and electronic acts designed to ban free expression.

Tate Naing, the secretary of the AAPP said, "More people were detained under Section 17/1 and Section 66(d) in this month. We urge the government to scrutinize and amend laws and acts that concern with political issues."